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A real breakthrough with meditation                 Last week I posted an article that I had written in April of last year.   In it, I explained how my new journey in meditation was going and described what I thought of as a breakthrough.   In it, I explained that I had started with only a few breathing cycles and was building up duration and was up to 3 minutes.   I was really proud of myself, and I had every right to be.   Now, almost a year later, still working on improving my meditation I had what I can sincerely describe as a true breakthrough.                 I am currently up to 12 minutes almost every morning.   If I am unable to meditate before my girls are up and my opportunity for focus has evaporated, I take the time to meditate at the office.   I sit on my adjusting table and do the same thing I’d do at home.   I sit on the floor at home, I cross my legs and I touch my thumb and index finger (not sure why, but all the movies portray it as such, so I do the same).  

My Break-through with Meditation

*Note:   This was written in April of 2017.   I will post the update to this next week. I have been contributing to this non-existent blog, knowing that in due time I will actually need content for a blog.   I have been trying to meditate for about 3 months now and I have found some struggles with it.   I know I need to take a class and will do so likely before I actually publish this entry, but as it is I am self-guided in my meditative journey.   Three months ago I had read that just 5 minutes to start will be a good beginning.   For the next week, I decided I was going to practice meditation (or what I understood as meditation) at 5 minutes a time each morning.   I did it and it seemed fine, but it was hard to quiet my mind and I stopped for about a week.   I hadn’t given up, however.   I was listening to a podcast and the guest explained that some find 5 minutes to be too much at first and that you can literally start with 3 breath cycles.   So the next morning I opte
My Lesson from watching High School Gymnastics                 This last week I got to bring my 3 oldest daughters to watch the Elk River gymnastics team compete against Moorhead.  I have watched gymnastics on television and watched my children participate in child gymnastics, but I had never taken the opportunity to watch talented athletes participate without the magic of editing and choosing what to and what not to show.  The Elks did a fantastic job, and aside from my 5-and 4-year-olds becoming too tired to continue, we had a very enjoyable time.                 There was an incident, however, during the vault.  One of the girls missed the spring-board and slammed into the vault chest-first.  She was clearly shaken, and her shoulder was sore.  Her coach and her mother (who happened to be sitting right behind me) kept asking her if she was ok.  She kept reassuring them that she was.  The rest of the time, I kept an eye on her.  She definitely felt the impact but was determined