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Simple Dietary Changes That Can Have an Enormous Impact on Your Health             We all want to be healthier.   Some want to live to the age of 117; while others just want to get the most out of the life they are given.   This has been a universal aspiration probably since man has attained self-consciousness.   Incredible breakthroughs have been brought about with the goals of longevity and quality of life as the sole motivator.   What if I told you, that while these breakthroughs in health have had an amazing and positive impact, the same headlong spirit that carried these brought with it dietary changes that have sabotaged our health and wellness?   The following changes can be made in your life relatively easily and may have profound results.                           Stop drinking your calories!             Beer, specialty coffees, juice and especially soda have quite efficiently played a significant role in the development of our rolls.   When you drink beverages tha