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Why Do I Care About Your Sleep?

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you likely remember my droning on and on about “chiropractors look for the cause”.  I say it all the time because it’s true.  Only focusing on the obvious is like replacing your tires that are wearing too quickly rather than getting a rotation and balance to get maximum mileage from them.  Often subluxation is causing your issues and being adjusted can do amazing things for your health and wellness.  Other times, something else is causing the subluxation and until the cause is found and corrected, no amount of adjustments is going to fully fix the problem.  Sleep is often one of the examples of this circumstance.  Not getting enough sleep can cause a lot of issues and chiropractic can help with many of them, but until your sleep hygiene is addressed, issues will continue to arise.  From my concern, there are two main concerns regarding your sleep.   Quantity of sleep and quality of sleep (groundbreaking, I know).   In terms of quantity

Pain and mental health

                One of the symptoms of depression is vague aches and pains.   One of the complications to chronic pain is depression.   For many it can be similar to the question regarding the chicken or the egg.   Did significant trauma at a young age (even unremembered) cause the brain to grow weary of constant pain, resulting in depressive and anxious symptoms?   Or did depression which came on in adolescence develop into physical symptoms that have grown into more severe and frequent complaints?                 Does the question even matter?   Do we really care if the person has been suffering from pain and is depressed from it, versus if the person has been depressed and is suffering from pain because of it?   There are many who would argue that it doesn’t matter.   We can be given psychotropic drugs for the depressive symptoms, and ibuprofen (or stronger) for the pain.                   How about this:   how many people have you met who’s lives have been significantly i