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Do kids need Chiropractic?

                How concerned with your posture were you when you were a kid?!   I know for some of us, it’s been a while since we were in school and in addition, some have tried to block memories of school entirely; but you didn’t care how you sat in your desk.   I leaned over my desk always.   I sat cross-legged in my chair, classmates would sit with their chair backward (until the teacher told them to sit properly).   We’d lean all over hell with no concern about how it affected our spines.   At least my backpack was always empty…                 We also moved a lot more than our kids do.   We didn’t have Fortnite… or Roblox… or Minecraft… whatever the addiction du jour is.   Our kids may use both straps on their backpacks, but they are stuffed full and weigh too much for our little ones to be burdened with.   They sit all day in desks and they sit on their phones all evening.   If we aren’t careful, these kids are going to have SEVERE spinal issues, and many are experiencing th

The Hidden Problems with Micro-trauma

                We’ve been discussing trauma lately and most people think of the major traumas when they think of the word.   How about micro-trauma?   There are syndromes associated with the desktop life style.   Many people sit for HOURS a day.   In fact, it isn’t a stretch to imagine someone who is in a standing position for less than an hour total a day.   Moving from bed to shower to car to work to car to couch to bed.   I would venture that many reading this spend the majority of their waking day sitting – I won’t even mention the poor sleep hygiene we are facing.   YOUR BODY WAS MEANT FOR MOTION!                 Upper Cross Syndrome and Lower Cross Syndrome are associated with sitting in a poor posture for hours on end a day.   Rounded shoulders and weak muscles on the front and back add up to upper back pain and lower back issues.   At first, it may just feel like tight and sore muscles.   Maybe you even have the foresight to realize the need for exercise to strengthen the

Trauma... (The reason I see most people)

                So why do some people not seem to need a chiropractor, while others can’t seem to live without one?   How can some people live their lives basically never getting sick, or never seem to be flustered or stressed?                 We seem to need much more help in our society lately.   Mental health issues, cold and flu “seasons”, we’re more obese, and more people seem to need chiropractic care than they did previously.   I’d argue that our whole societal mindset has become such that we are less connected and less healthy in a multitude of ways, but this post, I want to focus on traumas.                 Everyone knows about “throwing your back out”.   They associate it with improper lifting technique and jobs that require more activity, like warehouse workers and construction crews.   Ironically, when care is taken, those who are required to be more physically active for their career are less likely to suffer from back injuries.                   The most commo

...but what?

                So, great… I just remind you of your mortality and tell you to stop smoking.   What the H kind of posts are these?                 Here’s the rub, as a chiropractor I am concerned with 3 main facets of health that all contribute to our well-being:   physical stressors, chemical stressors and emotional stressors.   DD Palmer, the inventor of chiropractic described them as Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts.   The stuff you put in your body, the tax your system experiences when your emotions overwhelm you, and the major and minor traumas we experience in our everyday life all add up. Daniel David Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic                 So how do each impact our lives?   Well, our diet and habits fall under the chemical… you get out what you put in.   If we’re eating McDonalds and drinking a Iitre of cola a day, we are not going to be able to function at our best.   We won’t be able to heal at our best either.   Smoking dehydrates our discs, not to mentio

You Are Going To Die, but...

                My last post was titled, You Are Going To Die.   The intention behind it being that many of us live as though we have all the time in the world and we tend to sacrifice things that make us happy or could add value to our lives for things that do not actually matter.   This post is similar in nature, but with a slightly different slant.                   About a month ago I was having a conversation with an acquaintance.   She knew I am a chiropractor and I knew she was a patient with another DC, whom she was happy with.   She asked me a few questions regarding my philosophy on health and wellness, and I shared that I had lost about 40 pounds over the previous 8 months or so.   She asked me which diet I used and I said I didn’t use a diet.   I then related how my journey into this healthier lifestyle started back in 2011 when I quit smoking cigarettes.                   She replied that she smokes and eats what she wants and doesn’t exercise because she’s going to