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How to use Chiropractic                 Have you ever heard that once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for life?  This is a very common misconception held by the public.  While, it is true that everyone is better under chiropractic care, what that means for each individual varies.  My grandfather passed away this last summer at 95 years old.  He was a tough old farmer, carpenter and entrepreneur who never utilized chiropractic once in his 95 years.  To add to that, he was very strong and physically capable his entire life.  I cannot look you in the eyes and tell you I think his life would have been better or longer had he been under chiropractic care.  On the other hand, that statement is absolutely true for other people.  There are people who would not have been able to enjoy as healthy a life, nor live as long without chiropractic.  So how does one navigate how to use chiropractic?  There are basically three options, and neither is more right than the other two options,
Continued Chiropractic Care for Chronic Low Back Pain This is a little provocative.  Why should someone continue seeing a Chiropractor for low back pain?  Some in the public feel like this is just a scam perpetuated by the Doctor of Chiropractic sometimes.  Especially if the low back pain is better or if we have reached a maximal therapeutic benefit (meaning we’ve gotten you as good as we can) there is confusion on the part of the patient as to why they need to keep seeing the chiropractor.  This confusion is fair and must be addressed.  The goal of this post is to help inform our current and potentially future patients as to the importance of continued chiropractic care.  This first part refers to an article in the journal Spine from 2011.  Two Medical Doctors, Senna and Machaly, performed a single-blinded study comparing sham Spinal Manipulative treatment to treatment that discontinued after initial course of care and to Spinal Manipulative Treatment that continued every two