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                All this talk of micro-trauma… how about slightly more significant trauma?   If you saw the Facebook post regarding car accidents I shared, you saw that a 5 mph collision can result in injury to the spine and neck musculature.   Does that mean any incident at 5 miles per hour will result in a whiplash-type injury?   Does it mean all accidents that don’t break the magic 5 mile per hour threshold are harmless?   What is a horse shoe anyway? Apple picking would be less fun if you fell out of the tree.  Just saying.                 Here’s the rub:   in a modern car, designed to keep the occupants as safe as possible, a rapid deceleration from 5mph may still result in mild, yet significant trauma and a crash at 20 mph may be harmless... there are many contributing factors that determine severity of injuries.   If you’re riding a bicycle and crash and are able to escape traumatic brain injury, your body will sustain much more serious injuries that it would at the sam

The Downfall to Dieting

                Have you experienced the exuberance of victory when dieting, only to be brought crashing down a week or two later when your “celebratory dinner” turned into a reversal of all your hard work?   The entire diet industry is built on this.   Weight Watchers doesn’t become enormously successful unless it’s designed for you to need the structure to maintain your weight.                   What if I told you there were only a few, easy-to-follow rules to follow and for no money at all, you could start down the path of a healthy LIFESTYLE?   That’s the key… stop referring to these changes as diets.   While, generally speaking, the word diet refers to food choices throughout societies and lifespans, it has taken on the connotation of finite changes to reach a specific weight loss goal.   Also, rather than focusing on the weight, find a few other markers to gauge success.                   One of the biggest changes we should be making is our water intake.   Dehydration

Woes of the Weekend Warrior

                You don’t have to worry about this micro-trauma crap, right?   You pick up heavy objects 4 days a week and participate in tough mudder and run a 10k every weekend, so you’re obviously in too good of shape to need to worry about this.   Micro-trauma is to be worried about by the obese guy who sits in his cubicle all day.   … Right?                 Maybe… Maybe you move enough throughout the day.   Maybe you are perfectly mindful of your posture.   Maybe you have escaped what many people have experienced, so far.   Realistically, (if you’ve read any pieces from my blog in the past you know this) there is a cross-section of the population whom I believe don’t required chiropractic care weekly, or even monthly, (or even at all?) to live a good, long, healthy life.   I think everyone can benefit from chiropractic, but there are many who can live great lives without chiropractic care and I’m not arrogant (ignorant?) enough to claim otherwise.   People in the construct